Children’s Stories

I found my story telling voice as soon as I became a mum. Every night I would create a ‘Story of the Day’ for my baby daughter, Jaishree, putting her at the middle of a fairy tale built around our adventures of the day. I would highlight all her major achievements, where we had been, who we had seen, and weave them into a story.

My daughter soon grew to become a book-lover, just like her mum, and reading stories aloud and together became our new routine. We had favourite authors and liked to guess at what came next.

When my daughter started school, new characters got created to make the 10-minute drive engaging and take her mind off new-school jitters. Baby Monkey was born when Jaishree started to wonder at what animals lived in the National Forest, which surrounds our village.

Baby Monkey soon started to accompany us on our daily journeys. He became best friends with Jaishree’s favourite teddy, Bear Bear, and made new friends with Birdy, who lived in a tree in our street. A whole monkey family unit was created and a regular pattern of monkey school, birthdays and parties became part of our life.

The Adventures of Bear Bear & Baby Monkey can now be found on YouTube. Jaishree and I hope more children will now come to love these characters that we have shared with each other over the years. Tune in now.