Creating Content Calendars – the Magazine Editor’s View

An experienced B2B magazine editor, I am now navigating a path in digital content, and enjoying the challenge of learning a new take on a traditional profession. Digital content may well be a new and innovative medium to most, but its roots are not that far removed from the printing press of old.

Digital marketing presents a new language to learn, as I understand the differences between H1, H2, H3 and H4 headlines (to me headline, standfirst, sub head and sub sub head). However, it is also, essentially, only a modified way of doing things, with many of the skills from my previous roles being transferable.

For many magazine editors the biggest tool and biggest challenge they face is often creating an Editorial Calendar. For digital content providers this should also ring true. After all, ‘failure to prepare is to prepare to fail.’

Read more. Read the full version from the author’s website.


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