RSF London: Hotels Race to Convert on Digital Highway

Debate ran high at the recent Revenue Strategy Forum in London, when big brand hoteliers, independents, technology innovators and search engines came together to discuss the future of hotel distribution.

As the global markets prepare for more instability, Revenue Strategy has never been more important.

Central to debate was winning the online battlefield. For many hotels, it seems the online travel agencies have a stranglehold on the market. But is that really the case? Is the argument there that hotels could do more to raise their online game?

Another hot topic came in the form of corporate bookings versus leisure and transient guests. Hotels still discount heavily for large corporate groups, associations and events. Does this make the DMC as vilified as the OTA? What is the solution?

And what about the guest? Is there a real danger that we are actually losing sight of what matters as we focus on search engine result page rankings rather than guest satisfaction?

Find out more in my recap from RSF London 2016.
Read the full version from the author’s website.


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