AHIC: Midscale Hotel Market Presents Most Opportunity

This year’s Arabian Hotel Investment Conference, which took place at the end of April in Dubai, highlighted a number of opportunities for the hotel sector in the Middle East, with the midscale market seen to be giving the luxury segment a run for its money in the region.

STR Managing Director Robin Rossmann took to the stage to deliver his insight into midscale pipeline and performance in the GCC.

STR data showed that the Midscale market had out-performed the Upscale & Upper Mid Classes and Luxury & Upper Upscale classes since 2011 across the GCC.

According to Rossmann, mid-market hotels offer significant growth potential from intra-regional travellers and increased demand for affordable accommodation options.

Already, a number of mid-tier brands operate in the region, including Premier Inn, Ibis and Holiday Inn Express. However, brand penetration in the midscale market is increasing.

Read more on the Duetto site.


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